Today I decide to write journal in English.
I know that that is very difficult for me to do this,
but I realize that if I want to be a somebody, I should
try some great thing in my life.

"Losers hate troubles,and they choose to do nothing for those troubles;
winners also hate troubles,but they do as possible as they can to
come up something in ordor to solve troubles!"

Today is very appropriate for our department to rest
because everyone in our department has very little class should conduct,
for me, I have just three classes which I should attend. Nonetheless,I do not waste my time to play. Instead,I go to library as soon as the Chinese class was finished. Not until I begin to read oringinal textbook did I find that it took much time for me to understand its contents. This is my time to write the dairy in English. It is very difficult for me to exprss my feeling by using English. Therefore, let me stop this paragragh here now,haha. I think I should go to bed now. Time is 12:07. over~
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